About Blooming Careers

Coaching with Compassion and Creativity

Career coach, matchmaker, cheerleader, licensed social worker. I wear all of these hats – often at the same time – to help individuals find careers that are satisfying to their soul and generous to their bank accounts.

From career exploration and job search to resume revisions and interview preparation, I provide personalized, down-to-earth coaching, advising, and out-of-the-box thinking to help job seekers find fulfilling work.

Compassionate and caring, diplomatic and pragmatic, insightful and intuitive, I tailor a strategy that is unique to each person’s needs and interests. I believe that everyone should have a job that makes them happy, and that an exciting opportunity awaits them.

While I work with job seekers from all experience levels and backgrounds, my areas of specialty include career changers; mothers and other caregivers returning to the workforce; and social workers and other human services professionals.

To learn how coaching works and how we would work together, visit “Why Hire a Career Coach? Your Questions Answered.”