Career Services

Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, & Cover Letters

Learn how to effectively present your skills and accomplishments to stand out from the competition. Get guidance on telling your unique story in a way that attracts your target audience’s attention and interest, whether it’s hiring managers, networking connections, or potential clients. You'll also discover how to use keywords and phrases to get through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and receive more visibility on LinkedIn.

Elyse was named one of the Top 15 LinkedIn Experts in Boston in 2023 by Influence Digest!

Interview Skills & Salary Negotiation

Get comfortable discussing your expertise and accomplishments and asking for a well-deserved raise or promotion.

Career Management Strategies

Changes in the workplace, such as a new boss, a company-wide restructuring, or an unexpected increase in responsibilities can greatly impact your work performance and your job satisfaction. Get strategies for managing your manager, improving communication with your coworkers, taking advantage of professional development opportunities, and much more. If you are newly hired, learn how to maximize your first six months on the job and set the stage for your continued growth.

Career Coaching

Get guidance and inspiration for career attainment and advancement. Coaching services include career exploration, career change/transitions, job search techniques, goal setting, motivation and accountability, and more.