Rates & Packages

Because every person on their career journey has different needs and expectations, I believe that coaching services should be customized to fit your unique situation and priorities. Scroll down to see a few examples of packages that are available...but let's talk to craft a plan that's best for your needs and your budget.

All Blooming Careers Coaching packages include:

  • A Strategy Meeting to discuss your preferred learning and communication styles, your work experience, and your career goals, to determine the best direction for our work together
  • Unlimited communication by phone, email, video chat, and/or text until all services have been delivered
  • Meeting recaps, check-ins, and “homework assignments” to keep you on track, accountable, and motivated
  • Sharing of helpful articles, videos, job listings, and other resources
  • Multiple drafts of job search portfolio components (resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.) as applicable to package

Among the packages Blooming Careers Coaching offers

"Getting Unstuck" Packages:

CAREER EXPLORER PACKAGE - Get help figuring out your next move.

You'll receive coaching sessions to identify viable career options that are the best fit for your talents, passions, personality, and values. You'll have plenty of "homework" assignments to uncover your target careers and companies. You'll also receive guidance for doing effective company and occupational research to determine the best fit.

CONFIDENCE PACKAGE - Regain your belief in yourself and your abilities so you can put your best foot forward.

You'll receive strategies to improve your mindset and combat subconscious actions and statements that may hold you back. You'll get tips and tools to identify and discuss your strengths, values, and skills authentically and confidently. You will also receive interview preparation and practice that will position you as the best candidate for the job.

Career Development Packages:

RESUME PACKAGE - Enhance your most important job application tools for maximum impact. 

You'll get the following high-quality documents:

  • A Resume that is ATS (Applicant Tracking System)-friendly and reflects your experience, transferrable skills, strengths, accomplishments, and career goals.
  • A Cover Letter that can be tailored to target your desired positions.
  • A LinkedIn Profile to attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers, and gain new networking connections. You will also receive tips and tools to use LinkedIn for career exploration, job finding, and networking.

Optional add-on: Engage in interview preparation and practice to position you as the best candidate for the job.

JOB FINDING PACKAGE - Work smarter, not harder, to identify the positions that are right for you.

You'll start by developing a Job Finding Plan to identify the most effective resources to find a new position. You will also receive guidance for doing company and occupational research to determine the best fit. Then you'll create a Networking Strategy, including tips for building and growing your professional network and gaining valuable insight from colleagues.

CAREER MAINTENANCE PACKAGE - Develop your career and grow in your company by being proactive and strategic.

Get the most out of your current (or brand new) position by leveraging your company's offerings, as well as your rights and opportunities as an employee. Newly hired? Get tips for excelling in the first 6 months on the job, including navigating a new workplace and making a great first impression.

Plan for your professional future, brainstorm ideas, and address challenges during focused coaching sessions on topics including:

  • Managing your manager when you're not receiving the support and supervision you need
  • Learning constructive ways to address workplace issues, including conflicts with coworkers and customers/clients
  • Identifying professional development opportunities to keep your skills relevant and fresh
  • Negotiating for a raise, increased responsibilities, and/or a change in title
  • Advocating for a workplace accommodation for a physical or behavioral health issue
  • And much more

Create Your Own Package:

Can't decide which package to choose? Interested in combining packages or services?  Tell us which services you are interested in, and we’ll work together to create a package designed especially for your professional needs and goals, as well as your wallet.

Alternatives to Packages:

Hourly Rates:  Any service is available at a rate of $125/hour, including, but not limited to: resume and LinkedIn profile revisions, interview practice, salary negotiation, and career management.

Retainer: for those who prefer a budget for career coaching services. Two options available:

  • Pay a set amount each month for consistent, ongoing coaching according to your needs and schedule
  • Pay a predetermined total amount and have a "bank" of hours and services you can access as needed

Gift Cards: Electronic gift cards can be ordered through Square here. Additionally, paper gift certificates can be created for a variety of amounts and services.

Not sure which career service or package might be best for you?  Contact me for a free consultation.