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A Tale of Two Gardens

A Tale of Two Gardens

I have a very small garden outside my front door that became drab, depressing and dried out after a very rainy and windy winter. The “Before” photo show a pretty drab and depressing sight. But if you look closely, you can still see green shutes and other signs of life determined to break through.

Thankfully, I hired the same excellent gardener I’ve used the past 2 years to refresh this patch and turn it into something bright, colorful, and alive. I don’t have a green thumb, so I left it to an expert. The “After” photo shows this magical transformation, which also rejuvenated me and renewed my spirit. I feel hopeful and happy, seeing all of this beauty and vibrancy each time I walk outside.

The same can be said with one’s job search and career exploration. Sometimes things can seem drab and depressing, even after giving it your all. You may need an expert to help you navigate through your rough patch and get your career BLOOMING.  Contact me to learn more.


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