Developing Your Career is Like Growing a Garden

There are a number of ways that a job search or career transition is similar to a growing garden.

1. It needs time to grow, and patience is required. When you plant seeds or bulbs, it can take weeks or even months to see the blooms and stalks breaking through the surface. With a job search, you can plant many seeds before you start to see the results of your hard work and dedication.

2. You need to weed regularly to keep things growing and healthy, while removing blooms that have withered. This way, you divert the energy to new growth. In your job search it’s necessary to keep refining and revising your resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile. Make sure they are up-to-date while addressing the latest career trends. Delete positions that do not fit with your career goals or your targeted jobs – or that are no longer relevant to your employment history.

Similarly, you’ll want to dig up the negative mindset “weeds” that emerge when you’re faced with rejection or ghosting – or when experiencing fear and doubt about making a career transition. It’s essential to acknowledge your feelings without beating yourself up for having them. However, you should look at all the facts; maybe you were rejected because you didn’t have the qualifications the employer required. Or, maybe you were hesitant to apply for that higher-level position because it required additional education or training.

3. Sunshine is critical. Like the warmth and light the sun provides to a garden, emotional and professional supports are key to your growth and success. These can be found in family and friends, professional networks, spiritual leaders, career coaches, and therapists. They are the people who offer encouragement, advice, motivation, accountability, or a nonjudgmental ear.

4. But into every garden, a little rain must fall. Without water, the garden will wither and die. And during your job search or career transition, disappointment and mistakes will inevitably happen. They are a necessary part of your professional growth and learning. After a rejection, misdirection, or period of feeling “stuck,” try a new approach. Make a new connection. Get a different opinion. Read, watch, or listen to some inspirational/motivational content. What can you do differently next time? Who can help you improve or practice your job search skills?

Like a garden, no one’s career path is perfect. But with the right care and nurturing, it can bloom and become something beautiful.

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