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Job Hunting: Thriller, Suspense, or Nightmare?

Ghosting: Candidates and hiring managers alike have been guilty of suddenly cutting off communication during the interview process. Employers may ignore candidates after one or more interviews, leaving candidates in limbo. Conversely, candidates may not show up to scheduled interviews — or even not show up for their first day. None of this is acceptable behavior; both sides should show respect and consideration for the other.

(Energy) Vampires: Also called psychic vampires, these are people in your life who suck out your hope, optimism, and confidence during your job search. When considering a new position or a career change, it’s important to have people around you who support you, encourage you, and keep you motivated. Who can you count on?

Tricks: There are a lot of myths about the job search that are more like urban legends. No one is sure where they came from, but we’ve all heard of them. One example: a resume should be only one page in length. This is absolutely not true, unless you are just entering the workforce and have limited work experience. If you want the facts, speak to a career coach/counselor, or read articles on reputable career advice websites like TheMuse.com.

Treats: Yes, job hunting can be scary. But there’s also a lot of good news on the job hunting front! For instance, an Oct. 16 Washington Post.com article states, “If you’ve considered requesting a raise or negotiating a job offer, now is the time to do so…. Employers are expected to increase average salaries by about 3 percent going into 2022….”

Does the job search give you nightmares? Would you rather spend the night in a haunted house than work on your career development? Contact Blooming Careers for a free consultation to help soothe your fears at elysecareersuccess@gmail.com or 617-461-9516. You can also visit us on LinkedIn or Facebook.


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