Autumn Leaves

Autumn: A Time for Career Self-Reflection

Autumn symbolizes beginnings and renewal, whether it’s the start of a new academic semester, a celebration of the Jewish New Year, or the welcoming of crisper temperatures. The fall season can also be a great time to energize your job search.

While many job seekers spend time reworking their resume or updating their LinkedIn page, they may not make space for self-reflection that can help determine their next steps. Taking a step back to self-assess can help you find the right job, decide when to leave your current position, or determine if you need a career change.

A Vision Board may be helpful in this process. A vision board is a collection of photographs, objects, drawings and words that reflect one’s goals and dreams. These images and affirmations can capture how you want to feel in your career, or what success looks like to you. If you prefer writing, the journaling process can work just as well. Here are some questions to consider for career vision boarding or journaling:

When I think of my ideal career or position, where do I see myself? Are you in an office with a desk, or out in the community? Are you working independently, or as part of a team? Are you working for others, or self-employed? Are you working in an office, or remotely from home?

What will the company’s mission look like? You can also ask “What are my professional passions/philosophies/ideologies?” or “What inspires me”?

Which of my professional and personal skills do I most want to use? And on the other hand, which skills to you prefer not to use, and which responsibilities do you prefer not to have?

What does my work/life balance look like? Will you have sufficient time to spend with your family and friends? Will you have flexible work hours? Does the company have benefits that encourage self-care and well-being?

What professional goals do I hope to achieve? Or, “How do I want to grow in terms of position and responsibility?” Do you want to train and manage others? Are you planning to have LESS responsibility? Are you looking to transition to a new field?

What do I want my work life to look like when I’ve achieved my goal? Busy and productive? Having a sense of purpose and feeling fulfilled? Training and leading others? Actively climbing up the career ladder?

And finally, What steps and preparation will it take to reach my goal? Will it require going back to school or getting professional certification? More time networking to obtain new clients? Changing your work hours? Hiring a career coach to help you navigate those steps?

Taking the time to ask these and other powerful questions can help you take a big step forward in your career.

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