It’s a New Year: Time for a New Job, or a New Attitude?

Happy New Year! The word “new” is so exciting and inspiring, isn’t it? It’s a fresh start, a chance to try something different – and maybe even a little bit daring. For many job seekers, the New Year can be a wake-up call to start a new career. For others, it’s about figuring out how to make their current employment situation better.

It can be difficult to determine what you really need – is it a new job, or is it a new attitude at your current company? I recently worked with a client (I’ll call her Jane) who expressed unhappiness in her current career as an HR professional and wanted to make a career change into different line of work where she could build deeper relationships with her clients. We developed a strategy to help Jane learn more about the new field and to have exploratory career conversations (informational interviews) with professionals in that industry. We created a second version of Jane’s resume and a cover letter that outlined her transferrable skills, and we revised her LinkedIn profile.

But once Jane started to job search, she realized that the change she really needed to make was within herself – she needed what she called an attitude adjustment. Jane had been expecting changes from her employer that she actually needed to make herself. In the end, she decided to stay in her current position, focus on enhancing relationships with clients, and take advantage of her company’s professional development opportunities. And you know what? She’s happy!

So, just because it’s a new year, that doesn’t mean it’s time for an entirely new career. It could be a new position with your current employer, additional responsibilities or leadership opportunities, or an improved salary and title. Take some time to think about the changes you’d like to see in your career: are they within your company, your team, or within yourself?

Ask yourself these questions about your current and/or desired company:

  • How would I like to FEEL each day at work?

  • What skills and expertise would I like to share with the company?

  • What would I like to be recognized for and rewarded for?

  • What responsibilities would give me a sense of pride and accomplishment or make me feel fulfilled?

  • What aspects of my current (or new) position are most interesting and inspiring?

  • What type of company, mission, or population served would give my life meaning?

The answers might be found within your current employer, or it might be with your next company or career path. By asking yourself these questions before you leap to something “new,” you’ll be more successful when taking the next step – or, in the case of Jane, staying where you are, adjusting your attitude, and prioritizing your professional goals and values.

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