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Volunteering: Good for Your Heart and Your Career

Volunteering your time and skills can be great for your career. Whether you’re looking to gain additional skills or you are simply seeking a purposeful activity while job hunting, volunteering has many benefits.

Here’s why:

1. You can add volunteering experience to your resume. Include your responsibilities and achievements, making sure to add the word “volunteer” to your job title.

2. Volunteering can help you learn new skills, or sharpen ones you haven’t used in a while.

3. Volunteering enables you to expand your professional network. You may meet staff and board members who can share job opportunities and career experience with you.

4. You may be able to use your volunteer manager as a professional reference. Most are happy to recognize your efforts and to thank you for your hard work.

Want more details about the role of volunteering in job search? Contact Blooming Careers at elysecareersuccess@gmail.com or 617-461-9516.


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